Acknowledgments and Citation


The National Science Board extends its appreciation to the staff of the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES) within the National Science Foundation and to the many others, too numerous to list individually, who contributed to the preparation of this report.

This report was produced under the leadership of Emilda B. Rivers, Director, NCSES; Christina Freyman, Deputy Director, NCSES; and John Finamore, Chief Statistician, NCSES.

The report benefited from extensive contributions from NCSES staff, including Christina Freyman and Amy Burke. Darius Singpurwalla provided advice on statistical issues.

RTI International assisted with report preparation. Marcinda Mason performed data collection and analysis and made substantive contributions to the report structure and content. Raahina Malik helped to review literature and Cheyane Mitchell assisted with table and figure preparation. Robin Henke led the work on data quality assurance. August Gering led the editing team, with composition support from Alex Cone. Staff at Penobscot Bay Media, LLC (PenBay Media), created the report site. The following persons and agencies reviewed this report:

Cary Funk, Pew Research Center

Bruce Lewenstein, Cornell University

Census Bureau

Environmental Protection Agency

National Science Foundation

Office of Science and Technology Policy

The Board is especially grateful to the Committee on National Science and Engineering Policy for overseeing preparation of the volume and to the National Science Board Office, under the direction of John Veysey, which provided vital coordination throughout the project. Elizabeth Jeffers led the outreach and dissemination efforts. Amanda Vernon served as Board Office Liaison to the committee. Steve Deitz, May Aydin, and Anne Emig were the Executive Secretaries.


National Science Board, National Science Foundation. 2024. Science and Technology: Public Perceptions, Awareness, and Information Sources. Science and Engineering Indicators 2024. NSB-2024-4. Alexandria, VA. Available at